Mighty Learners Curriculum

Curiosity Driven Learning

Mighty Learners Curriculum:

Our Mighty Learners curriculum allows our staff to create educational activities that engage your child and allow them to be successful learners.

Migthykidz believes that it is important for children to enjoy learning. We understand how this time period is a crucial time for children to begin their education. There is so much room for growth and achievement and we believe our curriculum sets them up for success. Our unique curriculum allows students to show their individual interests and learn in a way that reflects those interests and their individual learning style.

Curriculum Components:


Our language curriculum helps foster of love for reading, writing and speaking. It allows each child to find a reading style that works well for them and allows them to read books that they love.


Our math curriculum allows children to develop confidence in their math skills. It allows students to work with components such as problem solving, one to one correspondence, identifying patterns, sorting, and work with shapes.


Our science curriculum encourages the children to explore and think further. They develop skills in using the scientific method and work at answering questions that they create and are interested in answering.


Our art curriculum allows children to create art using different mediums and allows them to learn about different forms of art. Children will experience visual arts, dance, theater and music. It helps give them the confidence to use these art forms.

Community Awareness:

Community awareness allows children to become aware of the community and world they live in. They will be able to learn to appreciate the diverse community they live in and learn how they can give back.

Self Awareness:

Self awareness allows the children to develop an understanding for how to care for themselves. They will be able to learn how to care for their physical well being and nutritional habits and develop a healthy way of living.